Sport complex for the City of Westmount (Lemay Architecture )

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The City of Westmount is studying the possibility of proceeding with the rebuilding of its sports complex, comprising two indoor Arenas, one outdoor swimming pool, a number of multi-purpose rooms, and a youth centre. The objective of the construction of this complex is to respond to the needs of Westmount's hockey teams and figure skating clubs, in addition to the city’s requirements in terms of aquatic activities. Questions pertaining to the size and type of facilities required remain unanswered, despite the previous studies that have been conducted by the administration. Do we need two indoor Arenas? Should an indoor swimming pool have been included? 

In this context, and with a view to validating the selected orientation with respect to the construction of its new sports complex, the City of Westmount is seeking to confirm the requirements identified in terms of ice sports and aquatic activities within its territory.



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