YUL (Brivia)

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UL condos will be a glittering embodiment of the ultimate in luxury urban living in the heart of downtown Montreal. The development features two “shifted block” towers rising 40 storeys high, flanked to the south by townhouses on what is currently known as Overdale Square. YUL is a glass monument to Montreal, the city that welcomes it.

As ambitious in its scope as in its architecture, this 900-unit real estate development bears the signature of Montreal-based architectural firm MSDL, winner of numerous awards and renowned for its prestigious and striking projects.

Brilliant landscapers from NIP paysage will put their international expertise to work on the vast green spaces surrounding the buildings.

In world class, talent goes full throttle.

The centrepiece will be an enormous enclosed common area exclusively for residents, containing a huge garden, an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, a fitness area, and an outdoor skating rink.



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