CHUSJ - Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Ste-Justine (Pomerleau - J.E. Verreault)

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A coherent approach to modernization of existing and future facilities. The project has two components: an expansion and modernization of existing buildings.

The project is done in stages, some of which are already implemented:
  • expansion of the Charles-Bruneau Cancer Center, opened in October 2007
  • redevelopment of the neonatal care unit opened in September 2009
  • seismic retrofit of existing buildings Phases I and II in 2008-2009
  • acquisition of the building located at 5757 Decelles conducted in 2006
  • move the Ronald MacDonald, conducted in autumn 2010.
  • construction of specialized units (49,000 m2)
  • construction of underground parking (1,200 seats)
  • construction of the Research Centre (27,500 m2)
  • seismic retrofit of existing buildings, phase III
  • modernization of the building located at 5757 Decelles
  • redevelopment of existing buildings.



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