Residential Complex ArcelorMital - Fermont (IME)

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Delivering a Cutting-Edge & Energy Efficient Residential Complex to Northern Quebec

Such state-of-the-art facilities are a rarity in more remote northern regions. Not only is the new residential complex energy efficient, but it is also an appealing and comfortable “home away from home” for 260 employees.

The new building was commissioned in light of AccelorMittal’s expansion of its iron ore processing plant. To deliver, Ecosystem and its partner IME used an integrated design approach, a collaborative method focused on holistic building design, to ensure the final product exceeded client expectations.

Added Value for AccelorMittal

  • A comfortable, appealing home that goes far beyond the scope of traditional living quarters available for mining employees in remote areas.
  • Opportunity for employees to integrate into the community of Fermont and its neighboring region, where they can take advantage of several amenities including a gym, kitchen and dining room, all air-conditioned and able to welcome 500 people.
  • Architectural integration into the natural environment, with  minimal impact on the l ocal environment
  • Sustainable, green development



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