New Acoustic Concert Hall of Montreal (Ministère de la culture/Ministry of Culture)

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“For music alone and for all forms of music”, such is the rationale underlying the design and creation of L’Adresse symphonique to achieve optimal acoustic performance.

Designed to showcase any form of acoustic music and any type of group, the new hall will not only host major symphony orchestras, but also small ensembles, solo performers, instrumentalists, singers, choirs and jazz musicians, along with popular artists.

Total Surface
  • 19 187 m2
Seating Capacity
  • 1900 seats, but a maximum of 2,100 seats if there are no choirs on the stage
Hall Dimensions
  • Width : 25m
  • Length : 50m
  • Height : 21m
Stage Capacity
  • Up to 120 musicians and 200 choir members
  • Or a section for spectators if needed
Stage Dimensions
  • Width : 19m
  • Depth : 17m



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